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Rutland in Lockdown

A living history project capturing our history as it’s happening

In years to come people will wonder what it was like living through the Coronavirus Pandemic. By recording the experiences and feelings of Rutlanders we can tell that story. The stories will be shared online, at events across the county and in an exhibit at Rutland County Museum in 2021.


A Rutland Community Ventures Project supported by the HIgh Sheriff of Rutland and Rutland County Council

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Share your Story!


Send us your Lockdown photos & videos.
Or email us a 30 second video selfie of you talking about your Life in Lockdown.
What was bad? What was good? Was your work or business affected? Who did you miss most?

How did you pass the time? How did it feel to be in Lockdown?

What will you remember most?


[Click here for a few ideas of what to talk about.]

Email your file to us here...
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