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Don't Drown Our County!

Where Were You When They Built Rutland Water?

Rutland Community Ventures is a not-for-profit media production company working to capture, record and share the memories and life experiences of the people of Rutland. We have secured a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund specifically to build a digital archive of people’s memories, experiences, opinions and thoughts relating to the development of Rutland Water in the 1960s and 1970s. This archive will be made public through a series of local exhibitions, public events and online.

We would like to speak to people with a story to tell.

Is this you? Were you, your family, or anyone you know affected by or involved in the construction? Maybe you or people you know were involved in the numerous campaigns for and against the project at the time? This was a time of great change for Rutland and there was much uncertainty as to how the construction of the reservoir would impact on the county environmentally, economically and of course on a more fundamentally human level.

As this hugely important episode in the story of our county begins to fade from living memory, our aim is to ensure that those involved are remembered and that their thoughts, opinions and feelings may continue to be valued as part of the history of Rutland.

Are you able to help us?

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