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Our work revolves around two interlocking strands.

‘Community Memories’ and ‘Arts and Wellbeing’

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We actively encourage members of any community to get involved in our projects as volunteers, as participants or by donating resources.

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Community Memories

RCV’s Community Memories projects aim to gather, store and share the collective experiences and memories of a distinct ‘Community’ before it is lost. A Community might be a village, a school, a sports club, a music ensemble - any group with a shared heritage or interest. Memories and experiences of participants are captured in specially-recorded video interviews, to which RCV adds selections from additional material participants agree to donate from their personal collections.

Learn about our Rutland Water project here.


Arts & Wellbeing

RCV’s Arts and Wellbeing projects involve those living with challenging situations or life altering circumstances. Our aim is to help people connect or reconnect with their wider community through local events and activities. Our projects are rooted in the New Economics Foundation’s Five Ways to improve Personal Wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give to Others and Be in the Moment.


Learn about New Memories - Creative Experiences workshops here.